Scuba O-Ring Size Guide

EASY TO CARRY AROUND – This guide is small enough to fit in your dive bag or even your pocket, so you can always have it on hand when you need it.

COMPARE SIZES IN REAL LIFE – The front of the card has the 12 most common O-rings in actual size, so you can compare your o-rings with ease.

QUICK REFERENCE – The back of the card highlights each of the 12 most common scuba diving o-ring sizes and they typical usage.

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A Complete Scuba Diving O-Ring sizing guide and reference chart. Designed to provide a quick reference and identification of the 12 most common o-ring sizes. This handy little card is perfect for keeping on you while diving, or as a reference when you’re at home. It has the 12 most common scuba diving O-ring sizes, as well as their uses, outlined on the back. So whether you’re out on a dive and need to check your equipment, or just want to be prepared for the next time you need to replace an o-ring, this card has you covered.

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